Why we shop local.

Why we shop local.

Shot at the Midtown Farmer's Market.

Sacramento is America's Farm-To-Fork Capital. It is the largest agricultural producer in the nation. it is also home to one of the largest California Certified Farmer's Markets in the state. 

With all of that wonderful access, why wouldn't we opt to include as much local business as we could into our own? 

One thing to be said about Sacramento; this is a city filled with PRIDE. Pride for its diversity, culture, food and events. When we started thinking about this business we knew that we would implement as much of the local scene as we possibly could. From our food partnerships to who we hired to design our T-shirts and the artist who did the artwork in our building. 

We are PROUD to be Sacramentans. We are PROUD to support the businesses in our community. We are PROUD to call this city our home and the home of our business.